General Contracting


In order to provide reliable and flexible management for the duration of any construction project, Ellisdale forms a partnership with the project owner, designer and sub-contractors to assist in the successful delivery of each project. The owner may hire an architect/engineer (A/E) and a general contractor under separate contracts; the AE will provide designs, plans and specs for the project, solicit and pre-qualifies contractors, bid the project and assist with construction administration.

Once the General Contractor (GC) for the project qualifies to bid the project, they receive a set of completed drawings and specs for bidding purposes.

As General Contractor, Ellisdale will perform the following:

  • Construction Tasks
  • Construction Site Administration
  • Inspection and Project Reporting
  • Cost Monitoring and Control
  • Schedule Development and Control
  • Sub-Contractor management
  • Safety and Quality Control
  • Information and Change Management
  • Reporting
  • Maintain Adherence to Plans and Specs
  • General Conditions
  • Request for Payments
  • Punch List Development, Monitoring and Verification of Completion

Post-Construction Tasks:

  • Move-In Coordination
  • Assemble As-Builts
  • Close Contracts
  • Assist with Employee Systems Training
  • Warranty Assistance