Ellisdale uses a collaborative approach to design-build projects, bringing together architects, engineers, construction and property management professionals to customize space solutions to our clients’ specifications. We provide a single-source solution, taking responsibility for all aspects of the project from concept through occupancy. Clients actively participate in the process, making decisions in real time based upon design, testing and pricing options.

This approach allows us to effectively “fast-track” each project, compressing construction schedules and reducing design and construction by 20-30% over traditional building methods. In addition, Ellisdale offers clients a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) in the schematic design phase, rather than in the final construction documents phase, making sure that the client doesn’t select a design they like only to find out later that it will cost too much to implement.

Through this collaborative and incremental approach, Ellisdale can help to assure that its clients’ projects can be completed on time and within their budget, and can also:

  • Identify and assimilate key strategic design team members
  • Recognize and address critical design/programming objectives
  • Develop and execute accelerated fast-track schedules
  • Determine fixed costs early in the process

The Right Team, from Design to Build

Ellisdale maintains relationships with the country’s best talent in design and construction, and we will assemble a design-build team that is perfect for your project and its specific needs. We add value to each project by consulting on constructability, budgeting, and cost control and logistics. When construction on one of our projects begins, we operate with a full knowledge of goals, technical details, and key issues, flawlessly implementing the design and proving to our clients that ours is the right team for the job.