Date: 03 Feb 2015
Cat: Affordable Housing, Renovation


Ellisdale Construction worked outside of its core Washington D.C. region to assist on an occupied rehabilitation project for one of its existing clients. Ellisdale helped its local client successfully negotiate agreements with about 10 different union leaders and skillfully navigate the tax credit process.

The mammoth 412 unit project required Ellisdaleā€™s keen value-engineering insights to execute improvements while remaining within the established budgeted per unit cost. Despite the various complexities of the project, including the fact the building was occupied during construction, Ellisdale delivered a high level of improvements, including solar installations in the common areas that reduced operating expenses and the creation of community gardens.

The energy efficiency savings generated from the solar installation eventually funded additional improvements to the property. Ellisdale was able to help the developer and the entire project team to design to the budgeted per unit cost, while simultaneously increasing the scope and quality of the redevelopment project.

Building Name: Salem Lafayette
Address: 94 Union Street, Jersey City, NJ 07304

Type: Renovation, Affordable Housing
Project Specs: 510,000 SF, 412 units

Owner: Preservation Trust
Architect: Running Dog
Contract Value: $20,450,000
Completed: December 2014