Date: 11 Nov 2020
Cat: Affordable Housing, Under Construction


Building Name: Park 27
Address: 2421 Minnesota Ave SE, Washington DC 20019

Type: Affordable Housing, Wood Construction
Project Specs: 31,550 total sq ft, 13 townhouse units, 26 condominium units

Owner: Neighborhood Development Company
Contract Value: $2,200,000
Architect: Square 134

Park 27 is a condominium project located at the corner of 27th St. and Minnesota Ave. in Southeast DC.  It consists of 13 townhouse units, each of which will contain two condo units (total of 26 units).  Total square footage will be 31,550 (unit gross square footage).  The buildings are wood framed with concrete footings and green roofs.  The project also includes surface parking at the rear of the building and multiple bioretention areas.