Date: 05 Feb 2014
Cat: Affordable Housing, Renovation


This property is zoned “R-5-B”.   This project is to rehabilitate an existing apartment building and make utility connections with minimal disturbance.

Renovation includes a basement (Jumpstart Daycare Center), three floors (27 affordable rental units) and a flat roof on top.  It has all stick build internal walls with steel stairs (Concrete treads) and rails. Externally, there is site concrete work involved with minimal restoration work on the brick facade.  This project was completed February 2009.

Building Name: Ontario Court
Address: 2525 Ontario Road, NW, Washington, DC 20009

Type: Renovation, Affordable Apartments
Project Specs: 27 units

Owner: Jubilee Housing, Inc.
Architect: Bonstra Haresign
Contract Value: $5,595,164
Completed: February 2009