Date: 04 Sep 2015
Cat: Mixed-Use Wood


Ellisdale Construction partnered with the Bernstein Management Corporation on this difficult and challenging, high-end project. Ellisdale came on board and worked with the owner and architects to revise the original schematic design to increase the rentable square footage while also reducing the overall cost. Ellisdale’s skilled value engineering increased the rentable space by 4,000 square feet and generated $2 million in cost savings via alterations to the building foundation, which included removing garage ramps and driveways from the design.

While Ellisdale significantly improved the overall design approach, logistical and construction challenges remained. The foundation work was the most complex that Ellisdale had ever encountered. Tight zoning restrictions and security concerns complicated the construction process. The property abutted the vice president’s residence, requiring Ellisdale to work hand-in-hand with the secret service to maintain security protocols during the construction process.

Many other companies chose not to pursue the project because of these site constraint concerns, but Ellisdale took the project on, improving the design, lowering overall costs and delivering an 80 unit property to an area in Washington D.C. in desperate need of additional residential housing.

Building Name: Glover Park
Address: 2255 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20007

Type: Podium/Wood; Market Rate Apartments
Project Specs: 104,824 SF (10,000 SF of retail space), 81 units

Owner: Bernstein Management Corporation
Architect: Brown, Craig & Turner
Contract Value: $17,000,000
Completed: August 2015