Date: 30 Jun 2017
Cat: Mixed-Use Wood


Ellisdale Construction joined the Fahrenheit Residences project after the original design was discovered to not be financially sound. Ellisdale took on this design/build project and changed the construction system to make the project more financially viable for the developer, PERS Development, LLC.

The new cost-effective structural design saved the project, which was able to obtain financing and underwriting under the new approach. The Erkiletian Companies, a well-respected apartment developer, later bought the property in its entirety. The success of the Fahrenheit Residences project ultimately led to a strong relationship between Ellisdale and The Erkiletian Companies, which will move ahead with a future apartment development project named the Shakespeare Theater.     

Building Name: Fahrenheit Residences
Address: 3930 Georgia Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20011

Type: Podium/Wood, Market Rate Apartments
Project Specs: 34,024 SF (5,000 SF of retail space), 31 units

Owner: The Erkiletian Companies
Architect: SGA
Contract Value: $6,790,000
Completed: September 2015